• Four Baker SterilGARD II laminar flow hoods are available for tissue culture and handling to ensure optimal sterility in all cultures and are equipped with gas and vacuum lines.

  • VWR temperature control water bath is available for general and tissue culture applications. Lab-line multi well plate shaker enables fast process of large array of samples.

  • Olympus inverted and reflected light microscopes are available for monitoring cell viability and culture growth. An imaging system equipped with a digital camera and an adaptor is connected to the inverted microscope and enables histological examination and capturing important cell behaviors on different substrates.

  • Liquid nitrogen dewars are available for a large capacity of storing frozen cells. A sensor device attached to the dewar enables real-time monitoring of liquid nitrogen level.

  • Two -80°C freezer, two -20°C freezer and one 4°C refrigerator provide broad range and large capacity of storage conditions.

  • A temperature/ humidity stability chamber enables controlling constant temperature and humidity environment for shelf life testing of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and packaging. Nanopure water filtration system is used to reconstitute media and dilute buffers.

  • Refrigerated tabletop ultracentrifuge maintains cell condition during separation of media.

  • Eppendorf benchtop microcentrifuge is used for nucleic acid and protein assays.

  • SPECTRAmax Gemini II Fluorescence Plate Reader (Molecular Devices) is available for high throughput assays (fluorescence and luminescence).

  • Power Wave Absorbance Plate Reader (Bio-Tech Instruments) is available for nucleic acid/protein quantification as well as fluorescence/luminescence assays.

  • Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus for DNA and RNA analysis.

  • Gene Genius (Bio-Imaging Systems) digital imaging system is available and is capable of white and UV light detections.

  • Perkin-Elmer PCR thermal cycler is available for DNA and RNA amplification and analysis.

  • Rotor-Gene Real Time Thermal Cycling System (Phoenix Research Products) is available for DNA/RNA copy number determination, hybridization and allelic discrimination.  Provides extensive capability for manufacture of prototypical biomaterials leading to the preliminary testing of unique biomaterials.

  • Two Forma cell culture incubators maintain cells at constant temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide conditions.

(67-100 air changes per hour; mixed airflow). 68 sq. ft. bench top workspace

  • Class II Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet (Interior dimensions: 46” W x 20-1/8” H x 27-1/2” H). Laboratory Fume Hood (48” width) Chemical flammables cabinet (48” width) Electrical power outlets (120 V AC and 220 V AC) and emergency backup power outlets (120V AC)

  • Network data port capability

  • Deionized water outlet

  • All construction material per standard clean room design specifications.